Strawberry Leaf Remover

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Do you love strawberries but hate cutting out the stems from strawberry without wasting a part of the strawberry? We've found the perfect tool for you! The Strawberry Leaf Remover is an ingeniously simple and handy device that removes the stem twice as fast while leaving as much fruit as possible. This tool is ideal because it works on ANY size strawberries and it also works on tomatoes and similar soft foods.


Item Name: strawberry huller 

Color: red 

Material: Stainless steel +ABS 

Size: 9cmX5cm/3.54''X1.97'' 

Button Size: 1.7cm/0.67'' 

How to use? 

1.One hand need to hold the fruit. 

2.The other hand need to hold the huller and push the bottom mechanism. 

3.Release the bottom and take the stem out off the fruit.