Upside Down Reverse Umbrella

$29.99 $59.99


Modern Upside Down Reverse Umbrella C-Handle Double Layer Inside-Out Colors


  • Waterproof, anti-UV, durable, windproof (double layer fabric), self standing, hand free(C shape handle).

  • The C-shape handle allows you to be hands free to use your smartphone, while the umbrella leans against your body.

  • It can be standed up.

  • Double layer fabric that allows it to be wind proof.

  • Minimal dripping after closure, allowing the remaining rain water to fold inside and you Can flip it over instead of letting it drip.

  • Easy to open and close in confine spaces unlike traditional umbrellas.

  • Best choice for yourself or your friends and family.


  • Color:Black white

  • Umbrella Cloth Material: Inpact Cloth

  • Umbrella Scaffold Material: Aluminum

  • Umbrella Cloth Material: Rubber

  • Umbrella Ribs Number: 8

  • Size: height :85cm

  • Open diameter :106cm

Package Contents:

  • 1 x Waterproof Umbrella